About Us

BoostedK20.com was established in March 2011 as a resource and community exclusively for forced induction (FI) Honda K-series engine setups. At the time, there were large bodies of information on boosting K-series motors dispersed throughout many message boards, such as K20a, ClubRSX, 8thcivic, and EP3hatch. This created a barrier between distant families of enthusiasts, and lead to a mismatch of information, research, and development for the aftermarket world. We decided to close that gap.

As the community grew, so did the demand for aftermarket support and high-horsepower builds. As such, the BoostedK20 eShop was formed. Just like the forum, it was designed and built by FI K-series owners who consistently push the limits. Above all, we strive to keep high standards of quality for customer service. We ship fast, keep open communication, have competitive pricing, and ensure the parts you receive are genuine. That’s our promise to you. Furthermore, we have the most complex, comprehensive, and up-to-date layers of security available today to ensure your information is both 🔒Safe & Secure throughout the checkout process.

Looking back, we’ve done some cool stuff over the years. As a community, we’ve donated to relief funds for natural disaster victims, contributed to Honda Day give-away builds, won some of the largest Honda/Acura events in the nation, participated in product R&D, and even placed Top 3 in Fall Nationals 2016. BoostedK20 has featured a multitude of great builds, such as Everton Carvalho’s world-record holding turbocharged FA5 and the fastest ariel atom on the planet – Jaydee’s Atom 600. Best of all, we’ve been able to connect with enthusiasts from all over the world! We’re truly grateful for the amount of support we’ve received, and pay it forward by providing our members and customers with a smooth, secure shopping experience from a brand you can trust.