Our Promise

Our PromisetransHere at BoostedK20, we promise to supply you with the most accurate information possible, as well as offer and deliver only genuine, authentic products made in the USA or their respective area of origin. That is, we will never provide our customers with ANY products that are outsourced or counterfeit a.k.a. “knocked off”. We do not advocate outsourcing, especially when it is in the interest of a dollar. For example, there have been many pseudo-Bosch 044 fuel pumps sold online that were outsourced or reproduced  in China. The same has happened with sham HKS SSQV blow off valves, and a large number of other aftermarket performance products made for our industry. These counterfeit artists have become so good that the knock off products are nearly identical to their original counterparts. Many times, one cannot tell from external inspection alone – it’s the internals that tell the story. And who checks their internals? Examples of these, and many more, have been documented in many places on the internet to educate consumers with visual indicators of counterfeit so you can see whether your products are genuine via external visual inspection.

Warranty work tends to accompany product failure, which gets denied since the item received was not made by that company. Now, the consumer has to spend more money purchasing another product, hopefully genuine this time. The next step usually involves law enforcement and law suits. What happens next? We aren’t sure. But we do know this stirs up quite a commotion, as we can all imagine. Time, money, and trust have been unnecessarily lost at this point. And the collateral damage that may have occurred from this part breaking (i.e. fuel pump failing, motor leans and and kaboom) is now the financial responsibility of the owner. Shops/engine builders/tuners then get the blame, all because of a ticking time bomb that you didn’t know existed. This all happens, in varying conditions, more often than we hear. This is an unfortunate realistic possibility that we want to avoid at all costs.

So, we ensure authenticity in the best way possible – we purchase direct. We believe in quality, not quantity. When we built this eShop, we made the decision to stand behind our site and do everything in our power to make this the best shopping experience for our consumers. This commitment carries over into our customer service, because we are enthusiasts and customers just like you. Shop with confidence knowing that you can always get real performance products, and connect to real people.