Porsche K911T: The Full Story

This is Scotty G’s 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo (930 chassis), known as the K911T. This is the first Honda K-swapped turbocharged 911 ever; a one-off road racing build with humble beginnings. Scott originally found this 911 in a different form, through a Craigslist ad. Scott quickly called and went to see the car. Upon arrival, the owner brought him to the car – which was kept in a barn! Even more interesting, the original German Porsche air-cooled flat-six engine was replaced with a liquid-cooled American V8 Small Block Chevy (SBC)! The car was also doomed with both electrical and mechanical issues, as Scott would later learn. He immediately began examining the car while his mind relentlessly dreamt of possibilities. The car was far from a finished gem, but this 930 already hit home for Scott. He’s wanted an 80’s era Porsche since he was a kid – and this was his chance to finally own one. He explained, “Think about it: a molested, hacked, and problematic sports car is perfect for a project. Been there, done that!” As you can guess, he jumped on the barn find and got to work on the ol’ drawing board – but not without sacrifice.

To begin his new project, Scott needed to make room. After some debate, he decided his time attack Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII had to go. He felt this was well worth the sacrifice, considering Scott’s 20+ year history of modifying imports. He was proud of his Evo 8 build: a fun, lightweight, AWD chassis with a world-renowned and proven 4 cylinder turbocharged engine – the almighty 4G63. Not only was it a blast to drive, it was a car he built and raced at the track! This build put down 480awhp and 420ft-lbs of torque. Scott raced this car for 2 years, successfully competing in time attack. But, all good things must come to an end. This Evo8 was parted out and sold to fund the next project. A wise person once said, “it’s crucial to find a new job before leaving your old one.” Well, the same applies with racecars. Out with one racecar, in with another. Bye bye Evo, hello 911.

Since the car ran with the SBC V8, the plan was to keep things as is. However, that plan was very short-lived. Just two hours after bringing the Porsche home, the car wouldn’t run. This was unfortunate, since it was Scott’s birthday and he was excited to take on his new birthday present. Naturally, Scott got right to work. While diagnosing the symptoms, he quickly found there was a myriad of electrical problems, among several others. He decided step one would be to re-wire the entire chassis, and so he began. A few hours into rewiring, Scott paused to do some more thinking. SBC swaps are pretty badass and quite common in today’s day and age – just not in 911s. Even still, he felt SBC swaps were too common and wanted to do something different. Scott and his good friend Nick (whose hands were on this build as much as Scott’s) reminisced on their long history of modifying and building cars over the past twenty years. Much of their gear-headed fun involved Honda B-series and Mitsubishi 4G63 motors, but never a K-series. They openly joked about a 911 K swap. Scott expressed, “That would be rowdy as hell!”

And K it was! When we asked them about the decision-making process, the guys explained how it was an easy decision. “A Honda K20 is a modern motor: very reliable, low maintenance, makes great power out-the-box, is very responsive to forced induction, and has a massive, ever-growing aftermarket support.” That is a tough one to argue with. It surely takes care of the engine choice, but what about the install? As it turns out, there was more than enough room to make things work how they wanted. They spent some time playing with a few ideas until they locked down an engine position they thought was good. They needed to position the motor in a way that would allow for the exhaust to come out the lower center of the rear bumper, yet still route the intercooler piping efficiently and not impede flow with a bunch of bends and turns. Scott clarified, “Fab work wasn’t terrible, and it was doable in my 16×20 garage. Limited tools and equipment, sure. But if there’s a will, there’s a way!”

And just like that, the car was built inside and out! The K911T is undoubtedly performance-oriented. They utilized a fully built K20A2 motor with 11.2:1 compression ratio utilizing Wiseco, Eagle, and Prayoonto components fed by dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps mounted via dual 044 aluminum bracket paired with dual all-fuel compatible fuel filters, Radium Auto surge tank, ID 1000cc injectors mounted on an Xcessive center-feed intake manifold mated to a Skunk2 90mm throttle body. Custom intercooler with all Vibrant metals and clamps, Sheepey turbo manifold, the iconic super-fast spooling Garrett GTX3076R dual-ball bearing turbocharger, a KEP transmission plate mated to a Porsche 915 late-model transmission to hold his power goals without issue, Spec stage 3+ clutch and custom flywheel, Rebel Racing transmission mounts, custom Hasport motor mounts, and it all comes together with the brain: a Hondata ECU wired and tuned by his good friend Vince at RT Tuning.

Making our way outside the engine bay, it is easy for the eyes to be drawn directly to the Q45 retrofitted headlights. Most importantly, they function even better than they look! Other functional subtleties include custom Lexan rear and quarter windows, carbon fiber ducts, and modified Porsche 993 upper wing to fit the lower lid! Regarding stance, the car continues to be purposeful: HRE 540 series wheels: 17×9 front & 17×13 rear, mounted with Toyo R888 tires. Lightweight and ready to grip! To stop: Rebel Racing 2-piece rotors and conversion brackets for Porsche Cayman S calipers with Hawk brake pads and stainless-steel lines. It is important to note that tires are for traction in both acceleration and deceleration. Suspension was converted to utilize Elephant Racing GT3 front and ASP independent rear suspension systems connected to Bilstein coilovers, Rennline upper mounts, and topped with DP style sway bars. We have no doubt this car will hook as intended, considering the attention given towards traction.

Onto the interior! Bride Japan seats with OMP 6 point harnesses, Defi link gauges, Rennline dash and floor pans, Vertex steering wheel, Hargett Porsche 915 shifter, and a custom roll cage. Shaun and the crew at SGpaintworx painted the interior, roll cage, and wheels. He also corrected the paint and made a custom set of side skirts to bring Scott’s vision to life. Scott was very happy with the work done at SGpaintworx, and the timeliness of the job! Everything came out wonderful, especially for a track car.

All in all, this is surely a build to be proud of. The car made 468whp, 323 ft-lbs @ 14psi which is right around what Scott plans to keep for the track. He has room to [inevitably] run more boost, of course. Who knows, maybe we can influence Scott to run a high-low boost switch for those straight-aways at the track! Scott’s plans for the 2018 season: “Over the course of this winter, I’d like to change a few things. Nothing major, turbo location moved/lowered, I’d like to clock K motor in the true position on the angle as they sit, things of that nature. This is all in preparation to road race the living hell out of this car next summer!” 

Photographic Credit Throughout Article: Kaehler Wister, Arlen Liverman, Scott Girondo.


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