MFactory Magnetic Oil Pan + Transmission Drain Plug Combo


The perfect drain plugs – mating with your engine and transmission in perfect harmony.

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Discontinued product! We recommend Mishimoto or Speed Factory Racing for their magnetic drain plugs.

Increase your engine’s lifespan with the MFactory magnetic drain plugs. By removing metal shavings from your oil and fluid, this will prevent premature damage and increase the life of your engine and transmission. You will notice a smoother running engine and transmission, as well as significantly cleaner oil between changes.

Don’t rely on your oil filter to catch damaging particles in your oil – Your oil filter alone cannot save your engine from metal shavings. And, your transmission doesn’t have any filter, so any metal bits will remain, and usually don’t come out with fluid changes. MFactory magnetic drain plugs come with a crush proof aluminum washer to stop leaks and utilizes a neodymium magnet which will not rust. Beware of other cheap plugs on the market with a weak magnet. These also have a safety-wire hole to meet race regulations (Honda’s only)! Don’t let your next oil or transmission fluid change go by without installing theser Magnetic Drain Plugs. These plugs replace your stock OEM drain plugs with hassle-free installation.

The images above show their magnetic drain plug lifting an old Cam Gear, a rear camber arm (weighing over 2.6lbs!), and 2 plugs attracted to each other through a solid 1.5″ wood shelf.