SFI Fuel Pressure Regulator 150psi


Universal fuel pressure regulator by RCI. Available in black or purple.

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Billet fuel pressure regulator by Southbay Fuel Injectors that addresses our K-series needs. This unit utilizes a high quality diaphragm, which is the keystone of a good FPR. It will support up to 750whp and is compatible with e85, alcohol, & gasoline. Adjustable between 30-150psi, depending on the fuel pump(s) used. Has a boost/vacuum reference & 1/8″ NPT fuel pressure gauge port (includes a plug for gauge port if you don’t want to use a gauge on the FPR). Comes with mounting bracket that can be used to mount anywhere. Fittings not included.

Further specs:
Inlet Size: -6 AN O-ring
Outlet Size: -6 AN O-ring
Port Plug: -6 AN O-ring
Boost/Vacuum Rise Ratio: 1:1.