Skunk2 Centerfeed Intake Manifold


Center feed, 90mm ID inlet, dual fuel rail capability, & additional plenum spacers for increased volumetric capacity –  a boost lover’s dream!

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Skunk2 enters the K-series IM competition with their Ultra Race Series Centerfeed Intake Manifold. They’re cast from high-grade 356 aluminum alloy for a strong and lightweight design, and feature velocity stacks to reduce turbulence and increase air flow to the runners. With a 90mm ID throttle body inlet with Ford bolt pattern, dual fuel rails, and optional plenum volume increases available in 1L and 2L spacers, these are perfect for boosted K series applications. They have a modular design for ease of porting, and come tapped with 1/8” and 1/4” NPT for all accessories. Centerfeed manifolds are available as a complete manifold kit (this item) or plenum only. Remember, these are OFF ROAD USE ONLY!

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Weight 18 lbs