Walbro 255 lph HP Fuel Pump


This is a great upgrade from an OEM fuel pump!

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The Walbro 255 high pressure in-tank fuel pump is the most popular performance fuel pump on the market today. Its used in everything from factory cars, to full-out race cars. A single pump can support up to 500hp, and if you need more, you can run 2, or 3 together. Or, you can opt for one of the larger in-tank mounted Walbro fuel pumps, such as the Walbro 400lph. Our Bosch 044 pump is also a possibility rather than multiple Walbro 255s.

This pump flows 255 liters per hour – well over a factory pump, supplying additional needed fuel to race engines making more power than they were designed to from the factory.

Please note: These pumps are NOT e85 compliant! Many have used these with ethanol, however the pump may fail at any given moment. Use at your own risk.


What’s included:
– 1 Walbro 255lph HP fuel pump
– 1 Fuel strainer
– 1 Fuel line
– 1 Rubber gasket (cap)
– 1 Connector with pigtal
– 2 Stainless steel clamps

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