Walbro 400 LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump & Install Kit


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This allows for some serious fueling!

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Walbro’s 400 lph in-tank high pressure (HP) fuel pump is designed to meet the fuel-hungry demands of high-power gasoline performance engines. This fuel pump can flows close to dual in-tank pumps/large external pumps – in a small, convenient and surprisingly quiet package. This pump is a great solution for high fuel-requiring cars making >500bhp where the 255 won’t suffice.

Nerd section: Walbro based the overall design on the same 39mm motor from the proven 255 HP in-tank pump, but changed from a “gerotor pump” to a newer and more efficient turbine pump (and we love turbines!). Walbro’s turbine pump head uses two sets of turbine blades set in parallel on a common shaft (like a jet engine). This high efficiency pump design pressurizes the fuel as it flows through the pump axially without forcing the fluid to change direction, resulting in tremendous flow rates at a variety of different rail pressures to suit various injector sizes.

The Walbro 400 is a simple drop-in install for many vehicles, such as 88-01 Honda/Acuras and many more. Modifications may be required for certain vehicles due to the large 50mm base (2006+ Hondas will require slight modification to the stock housing). This pump uses the same plug as a traditional Walbro 255. External FPR strongly recommended.

Comes with install kit, consisting of: fuel filter, wiring harness, butt connectors, hose clamps, fuel hose, and a precautionary statement sheet.

NOTE: This pump is NOT e85/e98 compatible! If this fuel is used, the pump can fail at any moment.

Running E85 or other ethanol fuels? We also offer the Walbro 416 lph, for E85 applications which require even more flow than the 400lph can dish out.

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